Missing Alvaro and Jose

Missing Alvaro and Jose
My uncle and his life-long friend are missing in the jungle in Peru. Time is critical.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You CAN help!!! Please, YOU can do this!!!

In order to get American resources down to Peru, the Peruvian government has to ask for help from America. U.S. citizens can call or e-mail the Peruvian ambassador in Washington, D.C., and ask him to ensure the Peruvian government is doing all it can.

Hundreds of people have viewed this blog! PLEASE take a moment to email the ambassador. Ask your friends to do this too!

Send an Email to the Ambassador through this link: Peruvian Ambassador Luis Miguel Valdvieso Montano 
OR: emoscoso@embassyofperu.us <emoscoso@embassyofperu.us>

AND call him at: 202-833-9860

You may copy and paste this mesage:
Sir, there are 2 missing elderly men in a jungle in Peru; Jose Tamayo and Alvaro Rossel. Mr. Jose Tamayo is a Peruvian born man; a Peru/US dual citizen, a father, a grandfather, a business owner. He disappeared on vacation in his beloved Peru 9 days ago with his friend Mr. Alvaro Rossel, a Peruvian businessman and entrepenuer. They may be sick or injured, they are in dire need of help. I urge you to plead with the government of Peru on the behalf of Jose Tamayo, Alvaro Rossel and all of their family and friends in the United States and in Peru who are powerless to help. We desperately need to find our loved-ones. Does Peru have the resources to complete this search? We want the US to help find this missing citizen. Please ask for help from the US to find our men. Time is of the essence.

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