Missing Alvaro and Jose

Missing Alvaro and Jose
My uncle and his life-long friend are missing in the jungle in Peru. Time is critical.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lifelong Friends on Vacation Near Their Home Town

Jose Tamayo and Alvaro Rossel met in high school in Peru. Jose was older than most of his classmates due the travels of his military family and to a protracted childhood injury and illness resulting in the partial loss of use of one leg and delaying his education significantly. Alvaro and Jose became friends when they were just boys and have enjoyed a friendship that has remained strong and has lasted through the decades, endured trials and tribulations and defied national boundaries.
Now in their 70s, Jose, a US citizen and resident, and Alvaro, Peruvian, are both beloved fathers and grandfathers, they are warm, funny people; Alvaro is boisterous, friendly and quick with a hug or a round of drinks for friends, Jose, more reserved but witty, warm and loving, known especially for his endless repertoire of jokes.

On Thursday, September 16th, Jose and Alvaro left for a road trip that would take them ultimately to the Western edge of the Peruvian jungle to Pozuzo about a 300 mile trip from Lima. They planned several stops along the way including one stop to visit a friend. They packed for a 5 day trip and were expected back on Tuesday, September 21st.
The last communication was made on Saturday, September 18th via Alvaro's cell phone. They were having a good time and would be leaving Oxapampa, less than 100 miles from Pozuzo, the next day, Sunday.
Meanwhile back in Lima preparations were being made for Jose's surprise 79th birthday party on Thursday, something specially arranged by his dearest friend, Alvaro. But neither Jose nor Alvaro made it to the party.

The search began on Tuesday when Alvaro's son departed for Oxapampa concerned that the two had not returned and had not communicated with their families. The search party is much larger now but much remains to be done as the area of interest is jungle. JUNGLE. This is a drug trafficking area, perhaps they were robbed and left in the jungle? Car accident? They may be injured, hungry... these men need medical care at this point.

Alvaro Rossel and Jose Tamayo; lifelong friends and traveling companions

We can't leave them there.

Please contact us if you can help in any way. We need to continue to the search.

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