Missing Alvaro and Jose

Missing Alvaro and Jose
My uncle and his life-long friend are missing in the jungle in Peru. Time is critical.

Monday, September 27, 2010

In the Name of the Father Part 1 and 2

Jose Tamayo's son (my cousin) in Peru. H flew to Lima this week to help with the search for his father
From Peru: Panorama-En el Nombre del Padre; In the Name of the Father

This two part News report in Spanish has good video footage of the area where my dear uncle Jose Tamayo and his close friend Alvaro Rossel were travelling. It also shows the road and the search area giving a glimpse into the type of terrain that the searchers are dealing with. This is interesting to watch even if you don't speak Spanish just to get a feel for the area.

The man in the white T-shirt and dark sunglasses shown leading one of the search parties is Juan Alvaro, Alvaro Rossel's eldest son. They say of him, it doesn't matter how far he has to go or how long it takes to find his father...

The three women and the man that are interviewed in the rose-walled room are Alvaro Rossel's daughters, Mariana (far right) graduated from Wells College, Lorena (middle) graduated from Brown University and Monica (left) graduated from NYU, they are with Jose Tamayo's son, Jose Luis (Boston College) who is American. He flew to Peru this week to help.

Some of the people interviewed in the town comment that the road is dangerous and that accidents are known to happen.

Click to see the video: In the Name of the Father Part 1

Click to see the video: In the Name of the Father Part 2

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