Missing Alvaro and Jose

Missing Alvaro and Jose
My uncle and his life-long friend are missing in the jungle in Peru. Time is critical.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Informacion en video en Espanol de los desaparecidos; Video Clips in Spanish on the Disappearance of our Loved-Ones

There are numerous news clips from TV news in Peru on the disappearance of our love-ones Jose Tamayo and Alvaro Rossel. These links are in Spanish, sorry for those who don't understand Spanish. We would love some TV coverage in the US in English. They are mainly descriptions of the circumstances of the disappearance, descriptions of Alvaro and Jose and desperate pleas from Alvaro's daughters and Jose's son for information. A reward for information is being offered.

Click on the highlighted text to access the video:

Title translation: Entrepeneurs disappear while vacationing in the jungle

news report from Prensa Libre (Free Press) on September 25

Title translation: Children of the missing entrepeneurs provide details for their recognition

Thank you to facebook page "buscamos a Alvaro y Jose" for these links. Did I miss any?
Links of printed news reports from Peru to follow...

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